Cheryl Jensen - Ottawa's following an exciting road toward tech success

Originally featured in the Ottawa Citizen

There has been a lot of talk lately, including in a recent series by the Citizen, about Ottawa as a technology town and whether we have what it takes to become a tech powerhouse.

“When it comes to the tech sector, it’s tough being Ottawa,” one of the Citizen stories noted.

The proof? There are no direct flights between Ottawa and Silicon Valley.

How a program retraining Canada’s veterans offers solutions for the mid-career worker

Featured in Ottawa Life Magazine

The world of work as we know it is changing – rapidly.  The “gig economy” and “automation” are just two phenomena shaping our working future.  Jobs are being “unbundled” and tasked out, piecemeal, across the globe.  And emerging technologies are changing the ways we interface with our workplaces.

Four colleges launch pilot projects to bring more local food to campuses

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Four Ontario colleges are launching pilot projects aimed at having more locally grown food available for students on campus.

The pilot projects are part of a local food procurement initiative led by Mohawk College in Hamilton with financial support from the Government of Ontario, in partnership with the Greenbelt Fund.


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