As of 2014, members of Polytechnics Canada offered 109 of the 184 bachelor's degrees* granted by publicly-funded colleges in Canada.

Today, employers increasingly seek job-ready graduates who have acquired practical experience. Our graduates are well prepared for such a marketplace. A  polytechnic bachelor's degree provides the unique advantage of practical, hands-on work experience coupled with a specialized, theoretical—but grounded—education.

*Options and specialties are included in this count as standalone degrees, as well as applied degrees. Joint degrees offered in partnership with another university/institution are excluded.


For a list of the 109 degree offered at Polytechnics Canada's member institutions, click here (PDF file will open).

For a complete list of all 184 degrees offered at Canada's publicly-funded, degree-granting colleges, click here (PDF file will open).


Degrees offered by Polytechnics Canada colleges and institutes:


Bachelor of Applied Business

  • Applied Business Administration (SAIT)
  • Applied Business Administration – Accounting (NAIT)
  • Applied Business Administration – Finance (NAIT)
  • e-Business Supply Chain Management (Algonquin)
  • Financial Services (George Brown)
  • Hospitality Operations Management (George Brown), Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management – (Co-op) (Algonquin)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BCIT, NAIT)

  • Accounting, Audit and Information Technology (Conestoga)
  • Accounting (SAIT, Sheridan)
  • Finance (Sheridan)
  • Global Business Management (Sheridan)
  • Human Resources Management (Sheridan)
  • International Business Management (Conestoga) 
  • Marketing Management (Sheridan)
  • Supply Chain Management (Sheridan)

Bachelor of Commerce

  • Accounting (Humber)
  • Business Management Degree (Co-op) (Seneca)
  • e-Business Marketing (Humber) 
  • Fashion Management (Humber)
  • Finance (Humber)
  • Financial Services Management Degree – (Co-op) (Seneca)
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management (Humber)
  • Human Resources Management (Humber), Human Resources Strategy and Technology – (Co-op) (Seneca)
  • International Accounting and Finance Degree (Seneca)
  • International Business (Humber), International Business Management – (Co-op) (Seneca)
  • Management Studies (Humber)
  • Marketing (Humber)
  • Supply Chain Management (Humber)

Bachelor of International Development (Humber)

Bachelor of Public Relations (Conestoga, Humber)  

Bachelor of Technology

  • Accounting (BCIT)

Health and Education

Bachelor of Applied Arts

  • Criminal Justice (Humber)
  • Early Childhood Leadership (George Brown), Bachelor of Early Learning Program Development (Conestoga), Bachelor of Child and Youth Care (Humber), Bachelor of Child Development – (Co-op) (Seneca), Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership (Sheridan)
  • Paralegal Studies (Humber)

Bachelor of Applied Health Information Science (Conestoga), Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences (Athletic Therapy) (Sheridan), Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences (Exercise Science and Health Promotion) (Sheridan)

Bachelor of Community and Criminal Justice (Conestoga)

Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing (Saskatchewan Polytechnic)

Bachelor of Science

  • Nursing (BCIT)
  • Radiation Therapy (BCIT)
  • Specialty Nursing (BCIT)

Bachelor of Technology

  • Medical Imaging (BCIT)

Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation – Therapeutic Recreation Degree – (Co-op) (Seneca)


Bachelor of Applied Technology

  • Building Science (Algonquin)
  • Architecture – Project and Facility Management (Conestoga)
  • Petroleum Engineering (SAIT)

Bachelor of Aviation Technology – (Co-op) (Seneca)

Bachelor of Engineering

  • Civil Engineering (BCIT)
  • Electrical Engineering (BCIT)
  • Mechanical Engineering (BCIT)
  • Mechanical Systems Engineering (Conestoga)

Bachelor of Technology

  • Architectural Science (BCIT)
  • Construction Management (BCIT, NAIT), Bachelor of Applied Technology – Construction Science and Management (George Brown), Bachelor of Construction Management (Red River College), Bachelor of Science Construction Project Management (SAIT)
  • Ecological Restoration (BCIT)
  • Environmental Engineering Technology (BCIT)
  • Environmental Health (BCIT)
  • Forensic Investigation (BCIT)
  • Geographic Information Systems (BCIT), Bachelor of Applied Technology Geographic Information Systems (SAIT)
  • Geomatics (BCIT)
  • Manufacturing (BCIT)
  • Technology Management (BCIT, NAIT)

Information Technology (IT) and New Media

Bachelor of Animation (Sheridan)

Bachelor of Applied Arts

  • Film and Media Production (Humber), Bachelor of Film & Television (Sheridan)
  • Interior Design (Algonquin), Bachelor of Technology – Interior Design (BCIT), Bachelor of Interior Design (Conestoga, Humber, Sheridan)

Bachelor of Arts

  • Art and Art History (Sheridan)
  • Theatre and Drama Studies (Sheridan)

Bachelor of Applied Computer Science – Mobile Computing (Sheridan)

Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology (NAIT), Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences (Information Systems Security) (Sheridan)

Bachelor of Creative Advertising (Humber)

Bachelor of Design (Conestoga), Bachelor of Industrial Design (Humber), Bachelor of Craft & Design, Bachelor of Design (Honours), Bachelor of Game Design, Bachelor of Illustration, Bachelor of Interaction Design (Sheridan)

Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic Systems Engineering) (Conestoga)

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies – (Co-op) (Seneca)

Bachelor of Journalism (Humber)

Bachelor of Music (Humber), Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance (Sheridan)

Bachelor of Photography (Sheridan)

Bachelor of Technology

  • Computer Systems (BCIT)
  • Electronics (BCIT)
  • Informatics and Security – (Co-op) (Seneca)
  • Software Development – (Co-op) (Seneca)
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