Contributing Solutions for Federal Priorities

We created this document to demonstrate some of the ways that our members contribute to advancing the priorities the government identified through its Budget. These examples demonstrate how polytechnic education contributes to building a resilient and resourceful workforce.

The work polytechnics do provides a cornerstone for building and supporting Canada’s middle class. Each section of this document describes a government objective, and then shows what our polytechnic and college members are contributing to these goals through a blend of facts, figures, and success stories.

This document is only a starting point for the many conversations that are to come. We hope it gives you a more clear idea of the contribution that Canada’s polytechnics make for Canada’s innovation and talent priorities.

*Polytechnics Canada currently has a membership of 13 institutions. Kwantlen Polytechnic Institution and Fanshawe College are excluded from the data in this publication. 

Please contact us if you would like a physical or electronic copy of this resource.