Nobina Robinson in Globe and Mail Education Online on Skilled Trades

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Globe and Mail:

Twenty years after the “brain drain” of the 1990s, a new threat to the supply of talent in Canada is apparent. Key industry sectors and leading employers in Canada are warning of a skills shortage and a lack of skilled tradespeople. Others call this a skills “mismatch.” Governments are under pressure to enact a range of labour market “interventions,” from short-term fixes to immigration to new investment in training and skills upgrading to changes to existing talent support programs.

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What People are Saying

“The polytechnics, the colleges: the role that you play, as I see it, I’ve always found that anybody that I knew that went to one of your institutions always came out with much more than just a job, they always came out with a good career, whether it was radiology or education.  That’s an important piece of the puzzle in Canada, because the K-12 system, doesn’t always serve us as well as it could.”

Dan Mott, President of Mott Electric - May 2011