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205 Humber College Blvd Toronto, ON M9W 5L7

Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning is one of Canada’s biggest and most dynamic postsecondary institutions. Humber offers a high-quality teaching and learning environment, and is widely known for helping students achieve academic and career goals. With an international reputation for quality programs and academic excellence, Humber serves 25,000 full-time 1,300 part-time students.

A Humber education begins with students selecting a program that truly interests them. Among the college’s strengths are our breadth of programs and range of credentials.  Students can select from more than 150 industry-related full-time programs, each designed to meet specific career interests. Humber students also choose from a range of credentials including four-year bachelor’s degrees, two- and three-year diplomas, one- and two-year certificates, postgraduate certificates and apprenticeships. At the degree level, more than 2,600 students study in Humber’s 18 degrees. This represents one-quarter of all Ontario college degree students.

Humber’s primary focus is on teaching and learning. Award-winning, industry-connected faculty members teach in labs and classrooms that use the same equipment and technology used by employers. They enrich the classroom experience by providing insight into the ‘real world,’ which helps students prepare for their career, and graduate with the credentials, knowledge and skills that employers value.

Industry partnerships are essential to Humber’s success. Industry advisors provide guidance on academic programming; ensuring students learn the most relevant curriculum. The partnerships also provide work study, field placement and internship opportunities for students. Our partners offer research opportunities, fund scholarships, contribute to our infrastructure projects and most importantly hire our graduates.

As a full-service polytechnic institute, research is an important area within Humber. We strive to bridge the gap between research and innovation as it relates to the small and medium business sector. Students have the opportunity to develop solutions for businesses while they earn their credentials. As research and academics become more integrated at Humber, the college is poised to play a significant role in Ontario’s, and Canada’s economic growth. Our research efforts are strongly supported by the federal and provincial governments and industry.

The International League for Innovation in the Community College has chosen Humber (the only Canadian board member) to be part of a network of 12 Vanguard Colleges across North America whose methodologies are serving as a basis for model programs and best practices for all colleges.

More than 83 per cent of Humber graduates are employed within six months of completing their studies.

Campus locations:

  • North Campus (Etobicoke, Ontario)
  • Lakeshore Campus (Etobicoke, Ontario)
  • Orangeville Campus (Orangeville, Ontario)

Institutional Data from 2013-2014 Academic Year


Full-time students 33,201
Part-time students 2,085
Apprenticeship students 2,079
Total For-Credit Enrolment (Headcount) 37,365

Full time International Students  (including ESL): 4,518


Annual intake of new students:

2013-2014 16,656
2012-2013 16,298
2011-2012 15,517
2010-2011 13,875
2009-2010 13,087
2008-2009 11,440
2007-2008 10,141


Standalone Bachelor’s Degrees 21
Joint Bachelor’s Degrees 9
Diplomas 81
Certificates 18
Apprenticeship Programs 13
Graduate Certificates 33

Graduation Data:


Total Graduates, academic year 2013-2014 10,776

Applied Research & Innovation Services

Humber’s evolving research enterprise includes four types of activities: 1) applied R&D with private industry to facilitate technological solutions across a range of sectors; 2) School-led topical/discipline-based research, 3) community-based outreach and workforce development research, and 4) research on teaching and learning. Through these activities, Humber enhances its applied learning agenda, while providing our industry and community stakeholders with a highly trained and relevant workforce, customized training solutions, and solutions to real world problems.

Newcomer Integration

Humber helps students who are new to Canada join the Canadian workforce, receive certification, or build upon their career. Humber provides many services, skills and upgrading programs to help students reach their potential and pursue their educational goals.  Currently Humber offers four bridging programs to internationally trained professionals.  These fast track programs build upon their international education and experience and provide targeted academic/skills training required by employers in industry in order to assist them to secure work commensurate with their professional background.

To help students make the right career and educational choices at Humber, an Internationally Trained Immigrant Advisor is available to answer questions and provide one-on-one advice and guidance.

International Activities and International Educational Partnerships

Humber collaborates with a number of institutions internationally to deliver postsecondary programming.  One of Humber’s long-standing relationships is delivery of the Business Administration Program in collaboration with Ningbo University in China.  Humber co-delivers years one and two of the program in China before students come to Toronto to complete the third year of the program.  In the past five years, more than 400 students have successfully completed the program. Similar models exist with Jimei University in Xiamen, China and the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism in Taiwan where Humber students can also spend a semester in Taiwan.

International students studying at Humber have the unique opportunity to pair their global perspective with a respected Canadian education that offers dynamic work opportunities. One and Two-Year Ontario Graduate Certificates are accelerated programs specifically designed to lead students directly from graduation to the workplace.

Humber offers students opportunities to study or work abroad and gain credits toward certificates, diplomas, and degrees. Humber also has a number of agreements with various  universities around the globe for students to gain degree completion after graduation from diploma programs. These agreements exist with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in China, the University of Las Vegas in the U.S., Schiller University in France, IMC University of Applied Sciences (FH) Krems in Austria, National Kaohsiung Hospitality College in Taiwan, Motherwell College in Scotland, and Penn College in the U.S and the U.K.

Humber has worked with international partners to develop capacity in business, technology and the health service sectors in various regions of Africa and Asia.  Typically, projects have been undertaken with the financial support from donor organizations such as the Canadian International Development Agency, the World Bank or the Asian Development Bank.

Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning is renowned for their expertise in:

  • Applied Technology
  • Business and Management
  • Community and Emergency Services
  • Creative and Performing Arts
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Media Studies & Information Technology

 Humber offers Bachelor's Degrees in:

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts (Criminal Justice)
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts (Flim and Media)
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts (Paralegal Studies)
  • Bachelor of Applied Technologies (Industrial Design)
  • Bachelor of Applied Technologies (Interior Design)
  • Bachelor of Child & Youth Care
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (E- Business/ Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Fashion Management)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resources Management)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (International Business)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Hospitality and Tourism Management)
  • Bachelor of Creative Advertising
  • Bachelor of International Development *
  • Bachelor of Journalism
  • Bachelor of Music
  • Bachelor of Public Relations

* New in Fall 2012

Top 5 countries of origin of International Students:

  1. India
  2. South Korea
  3. China
  4. Trinidad & Tobago
  5. Guyana

Contact information

Chris Whitaker
416.675.6622 ext 4853

Vice President, Academic
Michael Hatton
416.675.6622 ext 4510

Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services
Rani Dhaliwal
416.675.6622 ext 5062

Vice President, Student and Corporate Services
John Mason
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Associate Vice President, Planning and Development
Rick Embree
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Director, Marketing & Communications
Sylvia Kowal
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What People are Saying

The polytechnics, the colleges: the role that you play, as I see it, I’ve always found that anybody that I knew that went to one of your institutions always came out with much more than just a job, they always came out with a good career, whether it was radiology or education.  That’s an important piece of the puzzle in Canada, because the K-12 system, doesn’t always serve us as well as it could.

Dan Mott, President, Mott Electric