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Toronto’s George Brown College has established a reputation for equipping students with the skills, industry experience and credentials to pursue the careers of their choice. From its three main campuses, located across the downtown core, George Brown offers 148 full-time and 1,600 continuing education programs across a wide variety of professions to a student body of approximately 65,000 (including those enrolled in full-time, part-time and continuing education programs). Students can earn diplomas, graduate certificates, four-year bachelor degrees, apprenticeshipsand industry accreditations

Campus locations:

  • St. James Campus (Toronto)
  • Casa Loma Campus (Toronto)
  • Waterfront Campus (Toronto) * Opening September 2012

Institutional Data from 2013-2014 Academic Year


Full-time students 24,831
Part-time students 2,253
Apprenticeship students 1,428
Total For-Credit Enrolment (Headcount) 28,512


Full time International Students (including ESL) 4,846


Annual intake of new students:

2013-2014 14,999
2012-2013 12,742
2011-2012 12,175
2010-2011 11,595
2009-2010 12,423
2008-2009 12,257
2007-2008 11,392


Standalone Bachelor’s Degrees 4
Joint Bachelor's Degrees 2
Diplomas 66
Certificates 27
Apprenticeship Programs 10
Graduate Certificates 28

Graduation Data

Total Graduates, academic year 2013-2014 7,856
Graduate employment rate 82%

Applied Research and Innovation Services

The Office of Research and Innovation at George Brown College is dedicated to promoting Canadian innovation through industry-driven applied research projects. The office operates as the single point of access for industry and community partners to the College’s highly qualified and skilled personnel, state-of-the-art facilities and research funding. Through partnering with George Brown College our partners gain practical, innovative solutions and advance commercial and community problem-solving.

Our expert faculty act as project leads, a role that allows them to complete industry-related research that ensures they stay connected to industry and are better able to educate their students for the labor market. George Brown also promotes student expertise and job readiness by recruiting them in key investigative roles. This gives our industry partners access to potential employees while ensuring our students gain not only practical know-how but also those vital soft skills – creative problem-solving, strategic thinking, communication and team work—that have become so essential to the innovation economy.

George Brown research labs offer state of the art facilities. They stand as a showcase for our partnerships, such as our Food Innovation Research Studio (FIRSt), a test kitchen for food product development, or our Waterfront Campus, among the first Canadian facilities dedicated to interprofessional health-care learning and featuring 22,000 sq. ft. of dedicated simulation space for applied research, or our Green Building labs, offering advanced prototyping, and building envelop and automation systems research and assessment infrastructure and equipment.

Equipped with facilities to develop and assess new products, services and processes in real-world conditions, George Brown’s focus on speed to market research lets partners access the talent and funding to meet the innovation economy head-on.

George Brown College Research and Innovation — Enabling the Innovation Economy

Office of Research and Innovation
Current projects
Research facilities

Click here for a series of short videos highlighting some George Brown College industry collaboration success stories.

Newcomer integration

George Brown College is a leader in responding to Toronto's changing demographic profile and immigrant needs. International & Immigrant Education at George Brown College serves to facilitate the seamless integration of immigrants into the social, educational, and economic structures of Ontario and to act as an advocate for immigrant issues within the college and to external bodies through their programs and services.

Our Immigrant Education programs and services have been designed specifically for immigrants to Canada and include:

-  Specialized bridging programs that allow one to make use of education and work experience acquired abroad and enter rewarding fields in the Canadian economy

  • Career and Work Counsellor Program
  • College Teacher Training Program
  • Construction Management Program
  • Academic Pathway for Nurses
  • Early Childhood Educator (Bridging)
    This program provides eligible applicants with the upgrading and experience to be recognized to work in Ontario as an Early Childhood Educator. [More information at

-  Services that take previous training and existing skills into account to make the adjustment easier

-  Language support through our ESL programs and Occupation-specific Language Training (OSLT) courses

People from all over the world come to Toronto to start new lives. George Brown College is dedicated to helping new Canadians meet their career and life goals.

International Activities and International Educational Partnerships

For more than three decades, George Brown College has welcomed students from around the world, worked internationally in more than 25 countries, and developed significant global partnerships. We support the international engagement of students and staff in several ways:

  • George Brown College welcomes international students from all over the world, and is committed to providing them with high-quality education and training in a professional and dynamic environment.
  • We offer study and work abroad opportunities in over 20 programs and in 17 different countries, including India, China/Hong Kong, Cuba, Ireland, Italy, France, Jamaica, South Korea, Panama, the United States and several others.
  • George Brown College continually develops its curriculum to reflect the dynamic needs of the global workplace and ensures its graduates are well equipped to excel in a borderless world.

George Brown College is at the hub of the academic world. Students have access to multiple pathways into the college and onward to other academic and employment partners around the world.

George Brown College has established a range of international partnerships with leading academic institutions across all its schools. These partnerships link us to schools in India, China, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Australia, Panama, Italy, Jamaica, France and Hong Kong. Through these partnerships, students have the opportunity to earn credentials from partner institutions through articulated programs; undertake study tours; take enrichment courses; and gain other valuable international experiences.

The George Brown College of Applied Arts & Technology is renowned for their expertise in:

  • Hospitality and Culinary Arts
  • Construction and Engineering Technologies
  • Health Sciences
  • Community Services and Early Childhood Education
  • Business
  • International and Immigrant Education
  • Arts and Design

George Brown offers Bachelor's Degrees in:

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts (Early Childhood Leadership)
  • Bachelor of Applied Business (Financial Services)
  • Bachelor of Applied Business (Hospitality Operations Management) with Niagara
  • Bachelor of Applied Technology (Construction Science and Management)

George Brown's Close Industry Partners

Ocorant Inc.
Infonaut Inc.
Delta Hotels
Ellis Don
Harry Rosen
Hudson's Bay Company
Ontario Association for the Deaf
Soulpepper Theatre Company
The YMCA of Greater Toronto
University Health Network

Top 5 countries of origin of International Students:

  • China
  • India
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Russia

Contact Information

Anne Sado
(416) 415-5000 ext. 4471

Laura Jo Gunter
Senior Vice President, Academic
(416) 415-5000 ext. 2569

Mark Nesbitt
Vice President, Corporate Services
(416) 415-5000 ext. 2366

Karen Thomson
Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Enrollment Management
(416) 415-5000 ext. 4477

Robert Luke
Assistant Vice-President, Applied & Institutional Research
(416) 415-5000 ext. 6713

Brian Stock
Director of Communications
(416) 415-5000 ext. 2268

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Not only are these institutions making large strides in terms of innovation and research, but they are equipping more students than ever to confidently enter the workforce.

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