British Columbia Institute of Technology



Main Campus

3700 Willingdon Avenue Burnaby, British Columbia V5G 3H2

BCIT offers programs that lead to certificates, diplomas and degrees in technologies, business, health sciences and trades. BCIT's many programs are available in part-time and online formats as well as through full-time study.

As a polytechnic institute, BCIT conducts applied research, technology transfer activities (the taking of ideas to the marketplace), and corporate and industry training and upgrading.

Campus locations:

  • Main Campus (Burnaby)
  • Downtown Campus (Vancouver)
  • Marine Campus (North Vancouver)
  • Aerospace and Technology Campus (Richmond)
  • Great Northern Way Campus (Vancouver)

Institutional Data from 2013-2014 Academic Year


Full-time students 12,737
Part-time students 24,879
Apprenticeship students 5,244
Total For-Credit Enrolment (Headcount) 42,860


Full time International Students (including ESL) 2,237


Annual intake of new students:

2013-2014 5,842
2012-2013 8,538
2011-2012 8,956
2010-2011 5,270
2009-2010 4,964
2009-2008 4,746
2007-2008 4,760


Standalone Bachelor’s Degree 26
Joint Bachelor's Degrees 1
Diplomas 61
Certificate Programs 119
Apprenticeship Programs 24
Graduate Certificates 11

Graduation Data:

Total graduates, academic year 2013-2014 7,058
Graduate employment rate 82%

Research & Development

Research at BCIT serves BCIT’s core education function and employers’ success.  BCIT’s research is applied; contributing to the learner experience and, through practical application, advancing the state of practice - furthering economic, social & environmental prosperity in BC.  BCIT’s research themes and projects aim to develop opportunities and provide solutions for business and industry technical challenges.  Research at BCIT links with and is responsive to employer needs and the development of competitive advantage. 

BCIT’s Applied Research Liaison Office within our Centre for Applied Research and Innovation provides a welcoming “front door” for business and industry wishing to engage with the extensive research capabilities and resources within BCIT.  BCIT has a mosaic of talents and some uniquely focused or specialized interdisciplinary research resources.

These include:
> Advanced prototype development and evaluation services.
> BCIT Technology Centre
>Building Envelope Test Hut
> Building Science Centre of Excellence
> Centre for Forensic and Security Studies
> Centre for Green Roof Technology
> Canadian Housing and Construction Centre
> Centre for Infrastructure Management
> Dr. Tong Louie Living Laboratory
> Food Analysis Lab and Pilot Plant
> Herbal Analysis and Evaluation Lab
> Industrial Instrumentation Process Lab
> Internet Engineering Lab
> Intelligent micro-grid test infrastructure
> “Technology Place” multi-tenant partner building.

Newcomer Integration

BCIT welcomes international students from around the world with a variety of program options.  BCIT’s partnerships with well-qualified, like-minded foreign institutions create opportunities for international students to earn BCIT international diplomas and to articulate into BCIT’s domestic programs.  BCIT’s International Student Entry Program prepares students with skills for success, including language training.  The Confucius Institute at BCIT offers a range of practical programs aimed at increasing cultural awareness and business connections with China.

International Activities and International Educational Partnerships

BCIT welcomes international students from all parts of the world. The institute offers international
diploma programs with several partner institutions in China, Korea and Chile that create opportunities for international students to articulate into BCIT’s domestic programs. In addition, BCIT offers a range of practical programs aimed at increasing cultural and business connections with China through the Confucius Institute at BCIT.

British Columbia Institute of Technology is renowned for their expertise in:

  • Technology, Engineering, and Applied Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Business Studies

BCIT offers Bachelor's Degrees in:

  • Bachelor of Technology (Ecological Restoration)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Engineering Technology)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Environmental Health)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Forensic Investigation)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Geomatics)
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours in Biotechnology)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Accounting)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Administration)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Technology Management)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Computer Systems)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Architectural Science)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Environmental Engineering Technology)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Manufacturing)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Medical Imaging)
  • Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
  • Bachelor of Science (Radiation Therapy)

Contact Information

Kathy Kinloch

Bill Dow
Vice President Education

Lara Johnson
Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications
604. 431.4908

Kelly Friday
Media Relations

What People are Saying

Matching students’ training with employer needs is an approach that obviously works.  It works for the student.  It works for our economy.

Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of Employment and Social Development