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Main Campus

1385 Woodroffe Avenue Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  K2G 1V8

The mission of Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology is to transform hopes and dreams into skills and knowledge, leading to lifelong career success. Algonquin College does this by offering hands-on, digitally connected applied learning in over 185 programs. Based in Canada’s capital, the Ottawa Valley, and Saudi Arabia, Algonquin College is the largest polytechnic institute in Eastern Ontario with 19,000 students on campus and 37,000 students online.

Campus locations:

  • Main Campus (Ottawa)
  • Perth Campus (Perth)
  • Pembroke Campus (Pembroke)
  • Jazan Campus (Saudi Arabia)
  • Kuwait City (Kuwait) – coming Fall 2015

Institutional Data from 2013-2014 Academic Year


Full-time students 17,737
Part-time students 2,503
Apprenticeship students 1,811
Total For-Credit Enrolment (Headcount)  22,051


Full time International Students  (including ESL) 1,335


Annual intake of new students:

2013-2014 10,988
2012-2013 11,391
2011-2012 11,143
2010-2011 10,914
2009-2010 10,196
2008-2009 9,423
2007-2008 8,937


Standalone Bachelor's degrees 4
Joint Bachelor’s Degrees 4
Diplomas 94
Certificates 32
Apprenticeship Programs 17
Graduate Certificates 29

Graduation Data

Total Graduates, academic year 2013-2014 7,464
Graduate employment rate 85%

Applied Research & Innovation Services

The Office of Applied Research and Innovation currently has five centres which focus on specific areas. Here is a description of our current research centres:

Design Centre – The Design Centre supports applied research projects in the area of User Experience (UX) design in collaboration with industry partners in the Ottawa hi-tech sector. Our goals are to develop new applied research capacity at the College for the benefit of students, faculty, staff and external partners, and to assist partners in the implementation, improvement, and commercialization of their products, services and processes via cutting-edge UX design.

Full-Spectra Centre (FSC) – The ‘Full Spectra Centre’ is the College’s second NSERC CCI-funded initiative. The FSC has a core focus on technologies and processes that harness wave-phenomena, especially, electromagnetic waves. The majority of FSC activities assist the development and commercialization of technologies in ICT and photonics. This includes ‘traditional’ ICT and photonics as well as emerging and inter-disciplinary technologies directed to ‘non-traditional’ market niches such as medical and security applications. The FSC was created in response to regional to industry trends and has to help catalyze innovation in partner companies.

Health & Wellness Research Centre – Algonquin College’s Health and Wellness Research Centre leverages the College’s existing educational and research strengths in Health and Community Studies to develop highly trained personnel and stimulate job creation and economic growth. Our goals are to enhance student training and preparedness for the workplace, further develop faculty skill-sets and assist entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and large companies to develop products, processes and services within the Health and Wellness industries.

Construction Research – The Construction Research Centre has two main themes to help support the construction industry: To improve evidence-based decision making in building design and to develop collaboration tools to better connect people in the industry and improve process efficiency. The first theme includes the use of digital building sensors to measure how well a structure performs so that the information can be used to improve plans and designs. The final result of a build can be measured to see if it behaves as it was intended and different techniques and materials for a construction can be compared quantitatively to see which is the best and most efficient. The second theme focuses on connecting the participants in an extensive and diverse industry through mobile technology; large enterprises down to the individual contractor can be connected together to communicate design information and change orders in a fraction of the time traditional approaches take.

Applied Research at Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley (Pembroke Campus) – Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley (ACOV) has recently launched applied research initiatives through Algonquin College Research Enterprise (ACRE) with the goal of enhancing experiential learning opportunities for Algonquin College students and stimulating community growth within Renfrew County. ACRE has already procured up to seven applied research projects, and currently underway is a partnership with the Pikwakanagan First Nation Algonquin Way Cultural Centre (AWCC) located in Golden Lake, Ontario. These projects will be undertaken with the goal of assisting the AWCC in becoming a sustainable social enterprise, offering Algonquin College students “on-the-ground” experience, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and re-connecting Algonquin youth to their cultural traditions.

Applied Research at Algonquin College Heritage Institute (Perth Campus) – The Algonquin College Perth Heritage campus builds on the strengths of its small town setting. the Perth Heritage campus offers a high quality education in a friendly, rural community. Programs at the campus have been designed to fit the recognized labour market needs that are in demand locally, throughout Ontario and across Canada. Offerings such as Construction Carpentry – Advanced Housing, Carpentry and Millwork – Heritage, Masonry – Heritage and Traditional, Social Service Worker, Personal Support Worker, and Office Administration – Executive,  provide students with the opportunity to learn and grow, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that present themselves in today’s challenging markets.

The College is involved in a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Technologies
  • Photonics
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Digital Media
  • Health Care and Self Care
  • Community Studies
  • Environmental Technologies and Water
  • Building Sciences and Construction
  • Public Safety and Security
  • Biotechnology
  • Marketing and Business
  • Design and User Experience
  • Heritage Carpentry and Masonry
  • Culinary and Food
  • Teaching and Learning

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Newcomer Integration

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International Activities and International Educational Partnerships

The International Education Centre (IEC) at Algonquin College welcomes students, visiting scholars, and partners in education from around the world. The IEC’s goals include internationalization of the college through projects and partnerships and involve students and faculty in overseas assignments. The IEC is actively involved in training with private and public institutions, organizations and governments around the world. Algonquin College has institutional partnerships in India, Montenegro, China, and Brazil, and new overseas campuses in Jazan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait City, Kuwait.

The IEC also has a long history of international work and has delivered training to governments and private organizations around the world. The IEC commitment to international development is reflected in over 20 years of successful project activities in Asia, Europe, India, the Middle East and South America. Algonquin College maintains these our educational partnerships far beyond project completion, ensuring continued success and sustainability. Our success in international development, study abroad opportunities, international internships for graduates, teacher training for overseas clients, customized training and consulting services – comes from our team of dedicated IEC professionals, with a wide variety of backgrounds and skills.

Furthermore, the IEC has a comprehensive recruitment strategy that targets students from countries around the world. Algonquin College currently has more than 1200 students from over 80 countries studying English for Academic Programs and postsecondary programs at Algonquin College.

Algonquin College is renowned for their expertise in:

Algonquin College offers Bachelor's Degrees in:

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts (Interior Design)
  • Bachelor of Applied Business (E-Business Supply Chain Management)
  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Algonquin College's Close Industry partners

Top 5 countries of origin of International Students:

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Nigeria
  4. South Korea
  5. Saudi Arabia

Contact Information

Cheryl Jensen
President of Algonquin College
613-727-4723 (Ext. 7705)

Vice Presidents
Claude Brulé
Vice President Academic
613-727-4723 (Ext. 7703)

Duane McNair
Vice President Administration
613-727-4723 (Ext. 6370)

Gerry Barker
Vice President Human Resources
613-727-4723 (Ext. 5059)

Laura Stanbra
Vice President Student Services
613-727-4723 (Ext. 6670)

Research and Innovation:
Mark Hoddenbagh
Director of Applied Research and Innovation
613-727-4723 (Ext. 3227)

Ernest Mulvey                                                                                 
Director, International Education Centre
613-727-4723 (Ext. 5017)


Phil Gaudreau
Communications Officer
613-727-4723 ext 2091


What People are Saying

SAIT and the polytechnics are leading the way.  They have our absolute support as we prepare to fuel Canada’s prosperity for the future.

Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of Employment and Social Development